Angeli caduti

Anselm Kiefer. Engelsturz (angeli caduti; fallen angels)

Palazzo Strozzi in Florence is once again hosting the work of a contemporary artist. This time is the German Anselm Kiefer, born in 1945, not only a prominent artist on the international scene but also extremely versatile.

The title of the Florentine exhibition is Fallen Angels and it will be possible to visit it from 22 March to 21 July 2024.

Active since the late 1960s, Kiefer is an eclectic artist and has dealt with the most diverse techniques, and many different disciplines: painting, sculpture, installation and photography, in a play of connections between past, present and future and keeping human beings and their interiority at the centre.

In Florence you can admire works created by the artist over the years, plus a large work created especially for the exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi, or rather, for its courtyard: it is Engelsturz (Fallen Angels), the work that gives the exhibition its name.

In his large-format works, he mixes different materials, including those of organic origin; he draws inspiration from literature, German history and nature.

The Fallen Angels at Palazzo Strozzi are those that God expelled from Paradise for rebelling, a symbol of all humanity and therefore an invitation to investigate this humanity of ours, amidst allegorical figures and forms.


More details about the exhibition such as opening times and tickets on the website of Palazzo Strozzi 


Photo credits: Palazzo Strozzi e Comune di Firenze