Porta san Frediano

Florence from above: towers, fortresses and gates.

Many are the sites of Florence's ancient defence system: monumental gates and towers, these mainly designed by Arnolfo di Cambio at the end of the 13th century. But also fortresses from the Medici era, which reopen to the public between spring and summer and which provide many new visiting points and truly unprecedented viewpoints! 

The programme of  these visits is curated by Mus.e Firenze, and includes several city venues:
It begins on 25 May with the massive Porta San Frediano, which is extremely impressive due to the presence, among other things, of the original wooden door.
This is followed by the two towers of San Niccolò and the Zecca, both on the banks of the Arno, which will open to the public on 1 June. These are two exceptional ‘balconies’ from which to enjoy the view of Florence in an unusual way.

Added to these, on selected days starting 27 July,  the Fortezza San Giovanni, or better known as the Fortezza da Basso will open to visitors. The Fortezza, as the Florentines simply call it, is the trade fair venue and cannot usually be visited.

A series of opportunities not to be missed, therefore, whose calendar, prices and booking procedures can be found on the Muse Firenze association website


Photo credits: Comune di Firenze