General information COVID-19

General information COVID-19

Find here the current situation according to the new precautionary measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

In Florence, in Tuscany and everywhere in Italy – except for 4 regions – people are allowed to move around freely and use all the available services. For further information please check this link.

Museums and points of interest have regularly reopened, respecting the main public health recommendations in order to protect both workers and customers. In Florence and surroundings almost all the places of interest are open to the public, even if the opening hours may be different. Please, check here the updated hours!

As a consequence of the new ordinance, it is mandatory to wear face masks, both in all indoor public places and also outdoor in proximity of other non-cohabiting people; exceptions are made in cases where, due to the characteristics of the place or the actual circumstances, the condition of isolation from non-residents is continuously guaranteed. It is still mandatory to respect the recommended social distance of at least 1 meter between one person and another.

Concerning restaurants, pubs and other food services, they are allowed to serve food until midnight, when the table service is available (no more than six persons may sit at the same table), until 6pm if it’s not.

For further information and suggestions please refer to the following Website: Ministero della Salute and Regione Toscana.