Giacometti e Fontana in Palazzo Vecchio

Giacometti & Fontana at Palazzo Vecchio

Alberto Giacometti and Lucio Fontana - two stars of 20th century Italian art - are going to "invade" the Monumental Quarters of Palazzo Vecchio, until June 4. Important works by these two artists, coming from Italian and foreign collections, will be exhibited in the Sala dell'Udienza and in the Sala dei Gigli, in a dialogue with the beautiful rooms of the Palace and the masterpieces of the past, such as Donatello's Judith.

Giacometti and Fontana seem quite different from each other, but they are connected by the same attitude on the essence of art and by a deep study on the subject matter (worn and fleshless in the former, perforated and torn in the latter), in the common search for the absolute, for a dimension that goes beyond time and space.

The exhibition features masterpieces such as Giacometti's L'Homme qui marche (one of his paradigmatic filiform figures, almost a stretched shadow on a primordial landscape) and Fontana's Concetti spaziali, artworks in bronze or terracotta. The juxtaposition between Giacometti's L'Objet invisible and Fontana's Signorina seduta is particularly striking.

in addition to the venue of Palazzo Vecchio, the Museo Novecento will host the exhibition L'origine du monde, a focus on Lucio Fontana.

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