La scultura in Piazza della Signoria

Henry Moore

Florence and Henry Moore have shared a strong bond since 1972, when Forte Belvedere held an unforgettable exhibition gifted to the city by the artist himself.

Fifty years have passed and that connection is still going strong:  Florence is currently hosting two great sculptures by Moore, in collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation and with BIAF – Biennale Internazionale dell'Antiquariato, in two highly iconic spots of the city,  

Large Interior Form”, sculpted in 1953, stands in piazza della Signoria, where installations by world famous artists like Jeff Koons, Penone, Jan Fabre and Urs Fischer, have previously been admired.

While “Family Group” has been exceptionally situated on the parvis of San Miniato al Monte church. This sculpture, the first Moore ever realized in bronze, was initiated in the Thirties and finished after the Second World War.

The exhibition titled Henry Moore in Florence is going to last until March 31 of 2023.