MUNDI Museo Nazionale dell'italiano

MUNDI - National Museum of the Italian Language

The new National Museum of the Italian Language (MUNDI) will be inaugurated on 6 July in the Santa Maria Novella complex, with an exhibition previewing the initial rooms of the museum itinerary, which is scheduled for completion by 2023.

An inclusive and interactive museum to retrace the history of our language, from its origins (more than a thousand years ago) to the present day, in its various thematic declinations. A timeline, animated by interactive audio-video stations, which proposes the most salient moments in the history of the Italian language, in relation to the main historical and artistic events in our country and in the world.

The museum itinerary has been curated by the Accademia della Crusca (the historic Florentine institution headquartered at the Medici villa in Castello, which documents, studies and safeguards the Italian language), whose manuscript, intended for printing, of the first Vocabolario della lingua italiana (1612) is also on display.

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