Museo Stefano Bardini

Stefano Bardini and his museum

In Oltrarno district, only a few steps far from Ponte alle Grazie and Ponte Vecchio, there’s a jewel unknown to mass tourism: the Stefano Bardini Museum.

Stepping through its doors is like walking backwards in time, to the first years of the 20th century, when Stefano Bardini was the “prince of antiquarians” in Florence and he had his personal eclectic showroom in Piazza de’ Mozzi, one step away from his princely villa.

In the rooms of the museum, mostly painted in blue (a special tone called “Bardini blue”), thousands of artworks can be admired: the objects, the weapons, the musical instruments and the mirabilia, have all been put together by Bardini according to his own personal taste. Some of the most important artists exhibited are Donatello, Pollaiolo, Tiepolo, Della Robbia, Tino di Camaino, Guercino. Moreover, the big crowds of tourists visiting every day the famous statue of Porcellino, by the homonym market, should know that that‘s actually a replica and that the original bronze fountain made by Pietro Tacca resides inside the Bardini Museum. 

For the centenary of Stefano Bardini’s death (Pieve S. Stefano, 1836 – Florence, 1922), the Municipality of Florence has scheduled a series of events in order to better understand this remarkable man and his collection. For the full program check this link.