Tips for a green Florence

Tips for a green Florence

There are many projects that the Municipality of Florence, following a public call for tenders and thanks to an important funding from the Ministry of Tourism ("Great Italian Destinations for Sustainable Tourism" site in Italian), is promoting for an increasingly sustainable tourism, also in terms of delocalisation and deseasonalisation of flows. More in detail, the measures of the Call for Proposals envisage various declinations of our destination: Unusual Florence, Out of Season, Accessible, Green & Clean, and other projects to enhance the urban fabric.

Castello, il bosco e la storia  is a series of walks in the beautiful hilly area of Castello An experience that combines history, culture and nature, in an exciting tale on an area of an often forgotten beauty. The walks will be organised in Italian or English, on Sundays, in May, June, September, October, November and December. Full calendar here

Firenze green & clean is an open air activity for walkings or bike rides. The events are scheduled on Saturday morning in June, September and the beginning of October. 

Still scheduled are the events at the Café of the Conventino for the so-called Conventino Green program. We point out a plogging day called Big Event on September 29, al 3 pm in Oltrarno (meeting point piazza Santo Spirito). Find the list here

Expired events:

Drawing inspiration from its muse Vernon Lee and her book The sentimental Traveller, il Palmerino Cultural Association is organising a series of initiatives which invite locals and international visitors to experience the territory. Starting on March 10, guided hikes along the secondary rivers of Florence Mugnone, Affrico and Mensola. Some activities are in English. Read more on the website

After the World Water Day (March 22) in Florence there is an action called  Lungo il Mugnone in Festa, on the torrent Mugnone in the Cure district.
On two days, March 25 and 26 sport events, social activities and hikings along this historical river. The schedule on the website

Bus'Orto 2030  is a green project based on the aeroponics tecnique. In practice you can cultivate without soil, in this case the orchard is inside a small city bus.  Bus'Orto is open for your visits from May 2 to June 24, in the morning.   

Three walking tours on the Greenway Passeggiate Attive lungo Greenway (by greenway we mean the panoramic Viale dei Colli including viale Michelangelo, viale Galileo and viale Machiavelli)  with an actvity of plogging with the group Angeli del Bello. Three scheduled events: on March 31, April 21 and May 5.