Marinella Senatore istallazione

We rise by lifting others

The courtyard in Palazzo Strozzi is sparkling with a thousand coloured lights. They belong to the installation by the Italian artist Marinella Senatore, who with her work has kept alive Palazzo Strozzi's exhibition premises during a standstill period for exhibits and a general deadlock of the culture scene, due to Covid 19.
The installation bears the title We rise by lifting others (a quote of the American writer Robert Ingersoll) and it is also a message of hope, a light through dark times. It beckons passersby inside the palace, creating a sense of community at a time of isolation. In fact, joining the installation is a full programme of online participatory meetings.

Inspired by the light displays that decorate the streets of Southern italy's cities and villages, this installation was made by Apulian artisans.

It is on display until February 7 in the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi, and you can see it for free every day, from 9am to 8pm.