Feel safe, be safe

For the emergency situation created by Covid 19 in the Municipality of Florence the use of masks is always mandatory :

• in open and closed spaces, both public and private but open to the public;

• in public transport, taxi and chauffeur-driven services.

The businesses are required to take further organisational and hygienic measures to contain the Covid-19 and the related information and communication obligations towards customers:

• they should provide regulated and staggered access for users, depending on the space available, in such a way that the interpersonal distance of at least 1.8 metres is normally maintained inside;

• they are due to place separation panels between workers and users on counters and checkouts,;

• they arrange for customers to sanitize their hands or use disposable gloves;

• they provide information to ensure the distance between customers waiting to enter in respect of the interpersonal distance normally of 1.8 metres;

• they allow only one person per household, except for children and dependent persons;

• they should place dispensers with disinfectant liquid and paper towels at customers' disposal close to trolleys and baskets;

• in open-air markets to maintain the standard interpersonal distance of 1.8 metres and to place at the dispenser counters with hand sanitising liquid.

[Source: Ministry of Health http://www.salute.gov.it/portale/nuovocoronavirus/dettaglioFaqNuovoCoronavirus.jsp?lingua=english&id=230#11]