Thousand-year old Fair of St. Luke

Thousand-year old Fair of St. Luke

The Fair of St. Luke in Impruneta, one of the oldest cattle fairs still existing, is held during the week of the patron saint St. Luke's day; this year it is scheduled from October 17 to 24.

Its origins can be traced back to about a thousand years ago when shepherds used to migrate from the Apennines to the Maremma and would stop here to trade the head of livestock with the gathered merchants. Other sources trace the fair back to the pilgrimage of Florentines to the Sanctuary, so it was necessary to provide pilgrims with food and street vendors began to gather. Today this fair has undergone some changes: cattle used for work has been replaced by modern tractors, even though a fair amount of bargaining for animals for meat and horses for riding still remains.

An ancient tradition that is renewed with a full programme of events, but also the market, food stalls and games.

The programme will be available on the website.


Markets, fairs

Ancient Fair of St. Luke

Markets, fairs
Opening hours
17-10-2021 - 24-10-2021
Entrance fee:
Free entrance