Arturo Martini and Florence

Arturo Martini and Florence

The presence of Arturo Martini in Florence is reconstructed both through his participation in important exhibitions, both because he was immediately object of interest by private collectors, as evidenced by the presence of a series of his sculptures preserved in the Tuscan capital.

An important group of works arrived in Florence thanks to the generous legacy from engineer Alberto Della Ragione.

The link between Arturo Martini and Florence therefore declines in the presence, and in the return, of some of his fundamental works of the Thirties – a short but relevant chapter that attests the cultural dynamism of the city in that period – and finally also in the relationship with the visual sources that the Florentine museums had been able to offer him.

The Arturo Martini and Florence exhibition – in line with a scientific vision of the museum as a research and training laboratory – is the result of a collaboration between the Museo Novecento and the SAGAS Department of the University of Florence and will be open from July 16 to November 14.


Arturo Martini a Firenze

Museo Novecento presents the exhibition Arturo Martini and Florence, curated by Lucia Mannini with Eva Francioli and Stefania Rispoli, set up in the rooms on the second floor of the museum, open to the public from July 16 to November 14, 2021

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16-07-2021 - 14-11-2021
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