Measuring for children. Growing up in Ancient Rome

Measuring for children. Growing up in Ancient Rome

Starting on November 23, the exhibition was inaugurated at the Galleria degli Uffizi, close to the World Children's Day, on November 20. Over 30 artworks - including sarcophagi, sculptures of divinities, and daily objects like toys aged two thousand years and more - will describe different moments in the everyday lives of children in ancient Rome.

Among the works on display are a statue representing Mercury with a small Bacchus, newly restored, a rare doll in ivory from the third century AD, never exhibited before, a toy statue of a gladiator.

L’esposizione, visitabile fino al 24 aprile, offre anche chiavi di lettura e percorsi concepiti per i giovanissimi. A corredo dell’allestimento c’è infatti una serie di apparati didattici, come didascalie redatte con un linguaggio ‘a misura di bambino’, tavole a fumetti disegnate da Stefano Piscitelli e una serie di audio mp3 realizzati da Carlotta Caruso e Sara Colantonio del Museo Nazionale Romano. The exhibit, scheduled until April 24, also offers itineraries and tours for children and teens: frames and cartoons by Stefano Piscitelli on display and a series of mp3 by Carlotta Caruso and Sara Colantonio from the Museo Nazionale Romano.


The exhibit, by Lorenza Camin and Fabrizio Paolucci, has been set up in the rooms of the Department of Prints and Drawings of Uffizi. Admission with the Uffizi Gallery ticket in the same hours of the permanent exhibition.

Opening hours
23-11-2021 - 24-04-2022
from 08:15 to 18:50
Closed: Monday
Entrance fee:
Until 28/02/22 € 12.00
From 1/03/22 € 20.00
For information about other tickets and reductions please check the website.