Covid 19

General information on COVID-19

Find here the current situation according to the new measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The Region of Tuscany is now in white zone, as well as the rest of Italy. Nightly curfew has been cancelled. Nevertheless, it is still mandatory to respect the recommended social distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from one another and wear facemasks indoor and also outdoor where it's difficult to stay spaced at least 1 meter. 

For information about the required conditions to enter Italy from abroad please check this link.
Starting from August 6, people over 12 are required to show the European green pass - or equivalent certification for those coming from non-EU countries -in order to enter museums and other cultural sites (including monumental gardens, churches, archaeological sites), indoor restaurants and barsfairs, festivals, conventions, shows, events, sports competitions, spas, theme and amusement parks, gyms, wellness centres and swimming pools. Discos are not reopening for the moment.

The decree does not provide the application of the above-mentioned certification neither for accommodation facilities (including their restaurants, bars etc.) nor for domestic, local public transport. However, from September 1, 2021 the Green Pass will be mandatory on interregional ships and ferries, on Intercity trains, Intercity Night and High Speed ​​trains, on buses that connect more than two Regions. Same obligation, from the same date, also applies to buses used as a rental service with driver. 

For travelers and citizens who need to undergo an antigenic test, the service is available at Florence Airport and Pisa Airport from 8am to 7pm (€ 35,00)  and at private medical centers and pharmacies in the city.

Avoid gatherings. In the historic center of Florence (squares of: Santo Spirito, Repubblica, Strozzi, S. Ambrogio, Santa Croce, Santissima Annunziata, San Lorenzo) during the evenings between Thursday and Saturday it is forbidden to gather (standing, sitting down), except for customers of restaurants/bars, sitting at their tables. More details  on this page.