Forte di Belvedere

Forte di Belvedere

The foundation stone of the Forte di San Giorgio, better known as Forte di Belvedere, was laid in 1590, when Ferdinand I was Grand Duke, and it was built to a design by Bernardo Buontalenti.

Besides defending the city from a possible outside attack, a role it was never called upon to fulfil, in the event of danger from within it could be reached from Palazzo Pitti via the Boboli Gardens. Breathtaking panoramas from here!

Inside the fort is the elegant Palazzina di Belvedere, which predates the fort and was probably designed by Bartolomeo Ammanati around 1570. The Palazzina became the ‘strongroom’ of the Medici, who kept their treasures in the bottom of a well inside the building; anyone who tried to force the locks would trigger a trap that would impale them.

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Forte di Belvedere

Forte di Belvedere

Via di S. Leonardo, 1, 50125 Firenze FI, Italia

Via di S. Leonardo, 1, 50125 Firenze FI, Italia
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Opening hours: Closed: Reopening Summer 2024
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Free entrance
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municipal museums 
Accessibility:  partially accessible

People with motor disabilities can reach the fortress by car and leave it in a dedicated parking area just close to a pedestrian access leading to the entrance. The way to the entrance is easy to go through by wheelchair: there are neither obstacles nor steep slopes.

The access to the museum is guaranteed for people on wheelchairs thanks to two elevators: one connects the street level to the first level of the fortress, the other one, inside the Palazzina Medicea, allows the access to the two floors and the terraces. A flat path connects the two elevators.

The first level of the fortress is accessible and allows the view of the entire site and of the city of Florence. The Palazzina Medicea is completely accessible because of the presence of the two elevators and of coplanar paths.

The terrace of the Palazzina is accessible with the help of a special ramp. A disabled toilet is available.

The different levels of the fortress and the green areas of the entire complex can be easily visited by people with motor disabilities with the help of another person.