Villa Bardini

Bardini Villa

Villa Bardini was built in 1641 by Gherardo Silvani for Francesco Manadori, it recalls the Houses of Delight common in Florence at the end of the 16th and first half of the 17th centuries, which were surrounded by cultivated land and ornamental parks. The original core of the building was subsequently enlarged and in the early 20th century the villa was bought by the antiquarian Stefano Bardini, who added an extra floor.

It houses the Museo Pietro Annigoni, the Library of the Società Toscana di Orticultura and many temporary exhibitions.

The museum organizes occasionally guided visits, workshops and activities for children, families and young visitors

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Villa Bardini

Villa Bardini

Costa S. Giorgio, 2-4, 50125 Firenze FI, Italia

Costa S. Giorgio, 2-4, 50125 Firenze FI, Italia
Opening hours
Opening hours: Closed: 12-02-2024 - 21-03-2024
Entrance fee:
Full price € 5.00
Full price in case of exhibitions € 10.00
For information about reduced tickets please check on the website
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Accessibility:  accessible

The villa is accessible to wheelchairs from Costa San Giorgio n. 4. Get in touch with the staff of the ticket office in advance, so that it can open the gate.

The garden can be visited with an accompanying person. The path is made of gravel and earth, is uneven, with many rises, and drops.