Feel eco-friendly

Are you in Florence? Follow our tips for a plastic free city.
It is important to avoid disposable items in order to make Florence cleaner and ecofriendly.

Follow ten golden rules:

1) drink public water which is for free
2) when you are at the bar or restaurant choose drinks on tap 
3) do not use disposable dishes, but if you cannot avoid then prefer organic ones
4) buy bulk food, avoid plastic packaging 
5) separate waste at home and outdoor;
6) choose Plastic free shops;
7) do not use plastic drinking straws
8) collect garbage
9) when you go shopping, bring a handbag with you;
10) prefer natural fibres for your clothing

In Florence you can drink public water which is fresh and completely free. Bring a travel mug or container, or reuse your empty plastic bottle. As separate waste collection varies from city to city (because machineries change), you need a guide to act the right way!  Alia (the public company for waste collection in Florence) has published a brochure where you can find all the rules for choosing the correct bins in 7 foreign languages.