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The Einstein-Mazzetti Family at Cemetery of Badiuzza

The Cemetery of the Badiuzza is located in the countryside of Rignano, between Troghi and Le Corti. One of the many small country cemeteries in Valdarno, which became the symbol of the massacre of the Einstein-Mazzetti family, carried out by German SS troops on August 3, 1944 at  Villa Il Focardo. One of the survivors, Lorenza Mazzetti, in her difficult  sedimentation and overcoming the tragedy she had lived through, which accompanied her for the rest of her life, wrote the novel "Il cielo cade" which was published in 1961. 

Since the end of the 90's the Municipal Administration of Rignano sull'Arno has commemorated the anniversary of the massacre at the small Cemetery  and the Institution of the Memorial Day has planned the related celebrations in the same place. 
On April 25, 2015 the Municipal Administration granted honorary citizenship to the survivors Paola and Lorenza Mazzetti, nephews of Robert Einstein (cousin of the  famous Albert). 

On 7 January 2020 this place welcomed the remains of one of the last direct witnesses of the massacre: Lorenza Mazzetti. The knowledge of this massacre is spreading and is being structured in conscious and collective memory. Recently the City Council has unanimously agreed to formally define this Cemetery as a place of remembrance.


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Monumento Famiglia Einstein - Cimitero della Badiuzza

Monumento Famiglia Einstein - Cimitero della Badiuzza

Via di Badiuzza, 50067 Badiuzza FI, Italia

Rignano sull’Arno 
Via di Badiuzza, 50067 Badiuzza FI, Italia
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Si accede al cimitero percorrendo una strada bianca, al cancello d'ingresso è presente uno scalino.