Firenze Gluten Free

Florence wouldn’t be the same city without its typical products and dishes - the way it expresses and offers itself to visitors - together with art, history, culture and its own urban fabric.

Florentine food and wine is renowned all over the world for dishes such as steak, pappa al pomodoro (soup made of bread and tomato), tripe and lampredotto, together with the typical flavours of the surrounding area such as tortelli mugellani (traditional egg pasta stuffed with potatoes and served with butter or meat sauce typical from the Mugello region), peposo (a sort of stew cooked in red wine and seasoned with a lot of pepper in the traditional pot of earthenware typical of the Impruneta area) desserts such as schiacciata con l’uva (dessert made with bread dough, and grapes), ice cream, wines such as Chianti and the much better known olive oil, Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses, just to name a few.

Restaurants and food and wine shops are able to meet the special needs of tourists, especially the ones suffering from coeliac disease: today in the city many restaurants, bars, ice cream and pastry shops have specific products for coeliacs with certified ingredients and procedures, so that they can come and "taste" Florence in complete safety!

Here is available a list of restaurants with gluten free menu.



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