Parco Comunale di Gambassi Terme

The Municipal Park of Gambassi Terme

The Municipal Park located in the centre of Gambassi Terme has its origins during the 18th century as a private garden of the farm villa owned by the Pinucci family.

In 1916 the ownership of the complex passed to the Niccoli family. Dating back to those years is the introduction of several exotic species into the garden (cedar of Lebanon, palm trees, magnolias etc.), as explicit evidence of the numerous visits to foreign countries done by the family members.

In 1934 the park and the manor house were acquired by the Municipality in order to be used as a public garden and town hall.

The park still retains its original structure and many typical features of the Italian garden: the geometrical layout, the hedge-lined paths, the imposing arcades of holly oaks. The tunnels of holm oak trees, with their cross-shaped arrangement, are indeed a significant example of topiary and, without a doubt, the most important arboreal structures of the historical complex.




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Il Parco Comunale di Gambassi Terme

Il Parco Comunale di Gambassi Terme

Gambassi Terme 
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