Lago di Bilancino

Bilancino Lake

The Bilancino Lake is the largest artificial lake in Tuscany.

It has a maximum depth of thirty-one metres and an area of  5 sq. km which allows for increased water supply in Florence, Prato and Pistoia. 

It is located within the municipal area of Barberino di Mugello, very close to the tollgate of Motorway A1.

Situated in the unspoilt natural environment of the Mugello area, rich in artistic and cultural beauty, the lake is in the centre of an area of outstanding landscape and architectural value.

On the north-eastern shore of the lake, near the village of Galliano in Barberino di Mugello, there is the WWF Oasis of Gabbianello; the Oasis was created as an environmental recovery operation aimed at creating wetland habitats. Further information on the Oasis of Gabbianello can be found here

The Bahia bathing establishment, located in Nebbiaia, offers sun umbrellas, loungers, deckchairs, cabins, hot showers and pedalos. Dogs are allowed on the beach; in addition, the facility is equipped with a refreshment area for both lunch and dinner. Further information on the bathing establishment, activities and restaurant can be found here

The Bilancino Lake, for its particularly clean waters, is rich in numerous fish species. For the appropriate management of aquatic environments, aimed at restocking fish species, fishing is not allowed in all areas. Further information on fishing in the lake can be found here

There are many water sports to be practised. The Bilancino lake, with its calm waters and gentle winds, is an excellent basin to start learning about sailing: from 7 years of age onwards you can enrol in several courses at different levels. Further information on rentals and sailing courses can be found here

To find the location of the motorhome park near the lake click here




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Lago di Bilancino

Lago di Bilancino

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