Rocca Strozzi

The Archeological Museum of Gonfienti

In Campi Bisenzio, inside the striking Rocca Strozzi, a new archeological museum has opened. The artifacts featured inside all speak about the most ancient human settlements in the Gonfienti area, between Campi and Prato.

The opening of this museum in Campi Bisenzio is part of a much bigger project, which involves not only the archeological area and the etruscan settlement  (currently under excavation), but also the Mulino complex, home to the Superintendency’s restoration and diagnostics laboratory, and the realization of cyclo-pedestrian itineraries that will connect the different sites for an easier fruition and an immediate valorization of the area.

The museum features three expositive sections, one dedicated to the Bronze Age, one to the Etruscan Age and the third to the Roman Age, where settlements are recreated and artifacts, mainly ceramics, can be admired.

During the Bronze Age, Gonfienti was one of the biggest villages in northern Tuscany, populated continuously from the 16th to the 13th century B.C.