Car & scooter sharing

Car & scooter sharing

The term car sharing refers to the sharing of cars whose advantages are many: having a car always available without paying a car tax and insurance. This system allows you to have the car available for as long as you need it, through a quick and easy use procedure via app or website.

Cars of various types with which it is possible to enter Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL), park in the spaces reserved for residents, and leave the car for free in the blue stripes, as well as in the specially dedicated areas.

To use a car, it is necessary to register on the service providers' websites after downloading the app on your smartphone, through which you can find the nearest car and book it.

In Florence, the companies offering car sharing are Enjoy and Timove (Adduma Car).  Enjoy, which has been on the market for years, belongs to Eni Company and provides the Fiat 500, while Timove Group recently expanded its offer with the rental with petrol and electric vehicles.

Not just car sharing. Sustainable sharing in Florence recently also includes e-Scooters: Bit Mobility,and ZigZag/Bird the operating companies.

To stay constantly updated on car, scooter and scooter sharing services, consult the Firenze Semplice page of the civic network.


Photo credits: Comune di Firenze