Experience Florence

Describing Florence is a challenge that has captivated many over the years: artists, historians, travellers and writers alike. Each one brought a fresh new perspective of their own to the task.

Experience Florence does the same, adopting an unconventional approach in terms of both the topics covered and the format used.

Various topics promote every kind of tourism imaginable in the city: from the traditional artistic and museum tours, a must-see in Florence, to activities for families and children, via sports and urban trekking among the area's leafy hills. And there's more: food and wine, crafts, tradition, fashion, shopping, and all kinds of cultural events for both young and old.

Every theme has its place in this dynamic and interactive digital booklet, which includes an innovative combination of photo galleries, videos and writing. You'll find 19 chapters on 19 different topics:
Museums; Events; Traditions; Handicraft; 20th Century; Florence Accessible to all; Florence on High; Families and Children; Food & Wine; Fashion and Shopping; Historical Businesses; Florence City of Romance; Young People; M.I.C.E; Everything around Florence; Walk Florence; Sport in Florence; Parks and Green Spaces.