Discovering arts and crafts in Florence

Take the chance of choosing among twenty different tours of the local artisan workshops, while exploring the streets of Florence, its center, but also its suburbs and metropolitan area: these are the itineraries of Artour Toscana, proposed by Artex within the European Project Crafts Code (Interreg Europe).

Artour aims at promoting Tuscan craftmanship suggesting visitors to take alternative routes to the classic tourist circuits: not only the artistic and monumental heritage, but also the craft traditions make the culture of a territory.

Visiting the various workshops, passing by places of artistic interest that are seen with a new look, you will meet the masters of a creative process that has been established between human creativity and socio-cultural context, artistic currents and natural resources of a particular geographical area: this is Artour.

Silver, gold, ceramics, wood, perfumes and sharp irons: these are just some of the proposals by Artour, outside and inside Florence, to discover ancient workmanship, modern creativity and love for tradition. Visit the official Website at http://toscana.artour.it/en/.


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