Florence Capital, Certosa, English Cemetery

Florence Capital, Certosa, English Cemetery

Three different itineraries to discover Florence with the City of Florence Guide Silvia Bragagni.

Florence Capital of Italy. A walk through the streets of the historic center and the Oltrarno area will introduce visitors to stories, characters, buildings, sculptural works of an important period for our city. Florence was called "Athens of Italy"as it played a key role in the unification of Italy: a flourishing city life, where aristocracy used to gather in popular salons and in the first literary cafes, foreign travelers coming to Florence to follow the myth this city inspired and attending the renowned Gabinetto Viesseux...  All these elements contributed to change the city and make it refined and elegant.

Certosa del Galluzzo. Visitors will discover the allure of the Florentine Certosa where «that quiet, that silence and that solitude», so dear to Pontormo, contribute to the beauty and charm of the monument. The guided tour will lead you into the monastic complex with its cloisters, the major church, the refectory and the crypt. You will also visit the art gallery of the Certosa: the five lunettes of the large cloister with the Pontormo’s Passion Cycle and the small-scale copies made by Florentine painters from the Academy of the Arts of Drawing around 1582. Among the others: Ghirlandaio, Raffaellino Del Garbo, Bicci di Lorenzo.

English Cemetery. Since the time when Firenze was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the town was a destination for many foreigners and visitors, especially English ones, who declared Florence art capital of the world; for many of them, living in Florence was the realization of a dream conceived at home thanks to travel books or engravings.  Between the nineteenth and twentieth century, these foreign communities were a fundamental component of the social, cultural, political and economic life in the city. In 1827, the Swiss Evangelical Reformed Church purchased land outside the fourteenth-century walls to build an international cemetery.

You will walk in a place full of suggestions and mystery, immersed in the history of a cosmopolitan, open and tolerant Florence, and listen to the stories of famous writers, artists, activists and slaves, in a fascinating place, where rich and poor rest close to each other.

When: 1) every day; 2) from Tuesday to Saturday at 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4pm (and 5pm from March 15 to October 31); Sundays at 3 pm, 4pm (and 5 pm from March 15 to October 31); 3) Monday: 9-12am; Tuesday-Friday: 15: 00-18: 00 (weekend closed)

Duration of the tours: 1 and 3) about 2 hours, 2) 1 hour and a half

Tours fee: Private / family / individual visits up to 9 pax: € 130.00. Museum entrance tickets is not included. Groups starting from 10 pax +: € 15.00 headphones included - children aged 6 to 11; 10 € - under 6 years free. Museum entrance tickets is not included.

Reservation required: email: info.florenceunveiled@gmail.com; mobile: +39 328 2284079; Facebook: Florence Unveiled; Instagram: florence_unveiled_tours

The visits will be carried out in compliance with the security rules for the containment of Covid-19 contagion.

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