La Specola: new opening, new collections

With its diverse collections of unbelievable variety and richness, the Specola Museum, which reopens on 22 February after refurbishment, offers a different kind of visit from what the common imagination associates with Florence.

Nothing could be more wrong! Over the centuries, the Medici family promoted and collected many artists and masterpieces, but it also cultivated scientific interest, which was the thread that united many members of the family.
A cultural heritage that was also handed down to the next rulers, the Lorraine.
Today, this museum that reopens to the public belongs to the University of Florence, which cares for it and promotes it through research. Halls dedicated to zoology, mineralogy, anatomical waxes, but also the Salone degli Scheletri and the Tribuna di Galileo.

An unmissable opportunity to visit, as is well known by the people who booked during the first four days of the free reopening, which quickly sold out. Regular opening on 26 February 2024.

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Photo credits: MSN Unifi