Morgan Le Fay, Mill, Chianti

Morgan Le Fay, Mill, Chianti

The City of Florence Guides, Rubina Tuliozi and Erica Masini, introduce you to three half-day excursions to discover the Florentine countryside and its treasures.

1. The first excursion takes place in the countryside of Bagno a Ripoli, where the guides will tell you about a villa, a chapel, a hunting reserve and a source dedicated to Morgan Le Fay. Witches and enchantresses… who were these women? Which plants did they use for their magic? Observing plants and trees, we will find out traditions, customs and legends of the past.

2. Walking around medieval castles and churches - a strategic territory under the influence of Florence since the middle ages – visitors will learn about the influential families fighting for the control of the territory and the incredible story of the lake and the Mulino dei Galli. This excursion will take you back in the centuries to know the symbolic places of this valley: the Villa dei Galli, the Mulinaccio and the Castello di Torri.

1. The third itinerary is in the Chianti region, an ancient territory rich in places that mark the stages of its millennial history. The Etruscans chose these hills to build their villages and introduced olive trees and vines. Since the middle ages, great noble families invested in these agricultural productions innovating and transforming the concept of wine. During the excursion, we will see the archaeological site of Poggio La Croce, the ancient Romanesque church of Santo Stefano in Campoli, the fortified castle of the Palagio but also the villas, the ancient farms and the vineyards of the Guicciardini and Antinori families.

When: always available on request

Tour duration: about 5 hours

Fee per person: €50 up to 3 pax, €35 from 4 to 7 pax, €25 from 8 to 14 pax, €20 from 15 pax up. The fee includes guide and accompaniment, organization and coordination of activities by 2 qualified guides (tour and environmental guides)

Number of people: 2 to 20

Technical notes:
total length: 1) 6.5 km; 2 and 3) 10 km
total altitude difference: 1) 300 mt; 2) 350 mt; 3) 500 mt
type of route: ring-shaped on asphalt roads, dirt roads and trails
difficulty: for hikers

meeting point: 1) church of san giusto in ema, via di vacciano 58, bagno a ripoli (fi); 2) church of santa maria a marciola, via dell'oratorio - scandicci (fi); 3) parking of the locality quattro strade - municipality of san casciano val di pesa.
Useful tips: trekking or gymnastics shoes (NO smooth sole!! ), comfortable and layered clothing, socks and spare shoes at the end of the hike (we may have to walk a bit in the mud and/or damp soils), backpack, water, sticks (not mandatory), waterproof jacket (depending on the season), snacks, personal medicine, mask and disinfectant gel.

Booking required: for general information and reservations contact Rubina Tuliozi - archaeologist and tour guide, ; tel. +39 346 1892689 ; ; For technical route  information and reservations contact Erica Masini - environmental guide and tourist guide, ; tel. +39 349 6034218 ; ;

The visits will be carried out in compliance with the security rules for the containment of Covid-19 contagion.