The Path of Gods, Hamlets, Roman Roads

The Path of Gods, Hamlets, Roman Roads

Here three itineraries with the City of Florence Environmental Guide Claudia Durante!

  1. Along the ancient Tosco-Emilian Appenines trail Path of Gods (Via degli Dei) we will explore Italian history, nature and culture either in one go by doing it in 6 days or 2/3 weekends. You will be spoilt by Unesco Heritage sites such as San Luca sanctuary in Bologna but then we will admire a range of open-air museums, Appennines national parks and natural reserves, centuries-old beech or chestnut trees, enchanting badlands and vast local flora and fauna in Mugello territory, the Medici family land. Florence can be your final destination and spend a few days more to enjoy the city.
  1. Gentle walks around the beautiful hillside and small historical towns around Florence. You can pick and choose your own itinerary partly on foot and by train just a few miles away from SMN city station. We can reach Castello to admire the Medici Villas and Italian Renaissance gardens. Then we explore other Etruscan and Roman heritage in Sesto Fiorentino, with its VII cent.B.C. necropolis, Pinocchio places, the Romanesque parish church of San Martino and much more. Tracks tailored to your own abilities, we will enjoy taking photos of lovely views and have a snack ‘al fresco’.
  1. Let’s follow the Roman roads! From Florence we follow the ancient Roman track of via Cassia and its various alternative routes that depart from it, like via Francigena originally a link from Canterbury in England to Rome, or via Romea leading to Germany or the St James pilgrimage route to Santiago in Spain that originally traced an old Roman trade road. Today we can follow the yellow scallop shell signs in Tuscany this will encourage eco-friendly tourism across Europe. For example, a day trip to Fiesole lovely hillside up to Settignano borgo of Italian sculptors, hiking in the woods to get to Mount Ceceri; going further we could reach Montesenario Monastery, discover rare sequoias trees near Bivigliano in the area of Vaglia, idea stop for authentical Mugello food. From Florence there are many urban trekking options and with a short train trip you can visit Pistoia and Lucca, so spend one day out there exploring history, nature, art and local traditions.

This tour can be tailored to client needs , it can be a 6 day or 2/3 day walk, each one on average about 22km,  it runs on various dates from May to October, but  it is required a 3 week period notice, a good level of fitness and suitable sportwear (further details and advise will be provided by the guide )
2) All year around , details on suitable equipment to be arranged with the guide
3) All year around , details on suitable equipment to be arranged with the guide  
 tour 1 minimum of 2 day walking, tour 2 and 3 it can be planned as a half or full day or even more day trip
Language: available in Italian, English, Spanish.

Price: 18  euro a person with headset included, when needed, for a full day excursion (other travel expense to be arranged separately)
Number of people: from 6 to 10 people

Reservation required
Tel. 3403166738
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The tours will take place in compliance with anti-covid regulations.