Autoritratto di Modigliani

Ritorni. From Modigliani to Morandi

An interesting exhibition at the Museo Novecento in Florence to admire a selection of masterpieces, including Modigliani's self-portrait, of 20th century Italian painting.

The Novecento museum (in the ancient Leopoldine complex in Piazza Santa Maria Novella) hosts, in addition to the permanent collections, a rich program of exhibitions and other events. Protagonist of the exhibition Ritorni. From Modigliani to Morandi, open until 15 September 2024, is undoubtedly the Self-portrait of Amedeo Modigliani (from the Museum of Contemporary Art of Sao Paulo, Brazil), the only one of this kind, executed by the great artist in 1919 shortly before his death. This and other works on display belonged to Alberto Della Ragione, the well-known naval engineer and collector who in 1969 donated his collection to the Municipality of Florence, which also constitutes one of the main sections of this museum.

Alongside Modì's Self-Portrait, twenty paintings of great historical and artistic value have been brought together for the first time, always coming from the same collection core. Among these, the most significant are: the metaphysical Still life by Giorgio Morandi, the Enchanted Camera by Carlo Carrà, the Great Crucifixion and the portrait of Alberto Della Ragione by Renato Guttuso, all works on loan from as many great Italian and foreign museums.

The exhibition coincides with the tenth anniversary of the inauguration of the Museo Novecento.


Photo credits: Museo Novecento
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