Tourist coaches arriving in Florence

Tourist coaches arriving in Florence

Tourist buses or coaches coming to Florence should consider the Limited Traffic Zone for buses.

A limited traffic zone for buses (Z.T.L. BUS) has been established in the whole territory of Florence and Galluzzo, valid 24 hours a day. Transit of buses is allowed, only along predetermined itineraries, after payment of a fee and subsequent emission of a pass (called CONTRASSEGNO) which may be requested and received on-line (this procedure is preferable) or collected at one  the checkpoints. The pass has to be displayed on the bus in a clearly visible position always).

The check points are: Firenze Nord (Viale XI Agosto) and Firenze Sud (Viale Visconti Venosta). Both are in the areas of the highway exits “North” and “South” Florence, open: h. 7,30am-7,30pm.

Depending on the type of pass, you can use some of the climb/descent points for passengers: Lungarno Pecori Giraldi, Viale Ariosto/side of the city walls, Piazza Libertà/between via Lorenzo il Magnifico and Viale lavagnini, piazza Vittorio Veneto (h24, allowed stop: 10'), Piazzale Michelangelo (h24, stop: 20'). The point in Via Della Dogana (San Marco area, Academy Gallery) is only allowed for the descent (h. 8-20, stop: 5').
The climb/descent point for passengers coming from/going to the Central Railway Station SantaMariaNovella/"Track 16"Area, is in the “contraviale Strozzi” (the interior lane of Viale Strozzi), between the underpass and via Valfonda.

Buses, always showing the appropriate pass, are allowed to park exclusively in certain areas: Viale XI Agosto, Viale Nervi-Viale Paoli/Stadium area (h24) via Palazzeschi, Lungarno Aldo Moro and Piazzale Galileo (h. 8am-8pm).

The fare of the pass changes according to a series of factors (typology of bus, location of the hotel, length of the stay etc.).

For more information (on-line payment, fares, typology of pass, allowed itineraries) send an e-mail to: 

tel. +39 055 40401 / 4040670 / 4040650
Website: SAS - Servizi alla Strada