Enjoy Respect

Enjoy Respect

Enjoy Respect

Thousands of visitors arrive in Florence every day to admire its artistic and cultural heritage, which has made it famous throughout the world. It is no coincidence that since 1982 its historic center has been declared Florence a UNESCO World Heritage site, due to its exceptional universal value.

But the city is not just a large open-air museum: it is a delicate and living ecosystem, whose beating heart is made up of the population that lives there, and the management of the impact that tourism has on the social, environmental and cultural fabric represents one of the greatest challenges of our times.

This is why #EnjoyRespectFirenze was born, the awareness campaign conceived as part of the Great Italian Destinations for Sustainable Tourism project promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, and created by the Municipality of Florence in collaboration with the Destination Florence Foundation. The objective is to inform visitors about the choices and behaviors to adopt in order to have a more respectful, aware and sustainable approach towards the city as a whole, at every moment of their stay. To preserve the authenticity of Florence and at the same time guarantee a visit experience that lives up to expectations, it is necessary to increase awareness of its impact among tourists too, providing advice and encouraging a more responsible and aware way of travelling, in harmony with the daily life of residents. And, why not, encouraging the discovery of lesser-known attractions and places, but no less fascinating.

By following our advice, you will not only help us protect the city, respecting the environment, its artistic heritage and its social and cultural identity, but you will immerse yourself in a unique, simpler and more fun experience!

Florence is a living, delicate creature, and must be treated with care to preserve its beauty and authenticity. Help us protect and enhance it, because it is the heritage of humanity.

And so it's your home too!

Discover the campaign #EnjoyRespectFirenze: www.enjoyrespectfirenze.it.