Enjoy Respect

Enjoy Respect

Enjoy Respect

Florence is a city of extraordinary beauty, but it can be even more if each of us, by adopting polite and correct behavior, will contribute to making it more livable in everyone's interest.
#EnjoyRespectFirenze is the awareness campaign of the City of Florence to remember what are the wrong behaviors (in most cases sanctionable up to € 500), but also what are the "good practices" to live the city correctly and better organize your stay .
Only in this way will it be possible to guarantee the civil coexistence and the protection of the rights of each of us, respecting the environment, the artistic heritage and the identity of Florence, a city that was the cradle of the Renaissance and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Humanity.




Streets, churchyards, stairways are neither benches nor tables
It is forbidden to bivouac on the steps of monuments and churches, on the threshold of buildings, on the streets; it is forbidden to sit cluttering streets and squares. *



Avoid exaggerated games or jokes that can endanger you and others
Climbing monuments, entering fountains, accessing pine cones on bridges is prohibited. It is forbidden in public places to cause danger or be a cause for fear. It is forbidden for anyone in a state of drunkenness to attend public meeting places or circulate on the streets. *



Monuments are good for everyone, respect them
Smearing the monuments, the walls, the doors with writing or graffiti, is a serious crime punishable by law. You cannot dirty or damage anything public with your own behavior. *



Florence is beautiful and clean: help us keep it
It is forbidden to throw garbage on public land, papers, bottles, cans, wrappers, cigarette butts and any other object. *



Florence is not a beach establishment
Your clothing must be decent, throughout the city and especially within places of worship. *



No Fake

Do not buy counterfeit goods, or of doubtful origin, from abusive sellers who display their goods on the street or elsewhere. The abusive seller is punishable by law; but you too, if you buy from him, you can incur penalties of up to € 7,000 *


Turn down the volume
It is forbidden to disturb the public peace and quiet of people with noises, cackles, musical instruments or other means of diffusion. The time slot from 24 to 7 is particularly protected *


Use public toilets
In a public place it is forbidden to satisfy your physiological needs outside the toilets, to wash or exhibit intimate parts of the body.