Museo civico della paglia

Municipal Straw Museum

At the beginning of the 18th century, Domenico Michelacci started straw production on an industrial scale and until the 1950s Signa became the centre of the manufacture of hats made of this material (the famous 'straw hat of Florence').

The museum, which also hosts temporary exhibitions, brings together straw and woven objects made of different materials, work tools and machines, historical photos and works of art, and a selection of hats from the late 19th century to 1970.

The new museum building, inaugurated on 10 June 2023, has three levels - basement, ground floor and first floor - housing not only straw hats but also various types of straw braids, bags, paintings, equipment and machinery: seven exhibition rooms entirely dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the history of Signese, which has its roots in straw processing.

The loggia of the main entrance opens onto a completely renovated courtyard with trees, flower boxes and stone benches. At the entrance is a large terracotta sculpture by Bruno Catarzi under a roof of hats hanging from the ceiling.

The first exhibition room on the ground floor, past the bookshop, is dedicated to audiovisuals: in fact, three ceiling-mounted video projectors have been installed for the continuous reproduction of films, photographs, and interviews on the history of the Museum to be watched while sitting on large poufs placed in the centre of the room. In addition to this, there are two rooms to the right for temporary exhibitions of various objects - certainly hats, but also bags and straw garments.

On the upper floor, three rooms are dedicated to the permanent exhibition: various machines are housed in these rooms - among them a 'needling machine', a tool with which, by means of a vertical movement of the needles, the fibre mattress is made compact. In addition there are paintings, candelabra, hats both in the showcases and hanging on the walls, mannequins for the display of clothing and glass vases containing various seeds to be used for educational experiences.

Finally, a 'selfie wall' for taking souvenir photos wearing straw hats provided by the Museum.





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Museo Civico della Paglia

Museo Civico della Paglia

Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 50058 Signa FI, Italia

Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 50058 Signa FI, Italia
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from 09:00 to 13:00
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