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Natural shopping centers - CCN

In a city like Florence the historic commercial network, characterized by local shops and a historical tradition of arts and crafts is still present:  places and activities contribute to create the image of a city always-in-motion , made of lights, objects, sounds and, most of all, people and characters.

In this context, Natural shopping centers are a combination of commercial, crafts and service enterprises concentrating in a specific area of the city and with the potential of enhancing the territory and giving new strength to the trading system they’re part of.

This new organizational model was born from the awareness that only an integrated management of the commercial offer can guarantee real chances of success in competition with other distribution typologies.

Natural shopping centers are therefore a sort of spontaneous economical aggregations rooted in the territory with their own legal status.

According to this, the Municipality of Florence promotes the enhancing of the territory in order to make the local commercial system more competitive, in which this new forms of aggregation between commercial, craft and service enterprises are acting , by offering the citizens a showcase dedicated to information and promotion of neighborhood trade.

For further information, see the map at the bottom of the article.