Riserva Naturale Biogenetica di Vallombrosa

Biogenetic Nature Reserve of Vallombrosa

The Biogenetic Nature Reserve of Vallombrosa is located on the slopes of Pratomagno on the Valdarno side and it spans from 470 to 1440 metres above sea level. In the centre of the woods stands the ancient Abbey, the place of worship for the Benedictine monks.

The Vallombrosa forest is a protected natural area of 1,279 hectares, whose management by the Biodiversity Department of the Vallombrosa Carabinieri is aimed at maintaining and increasing the already high level of biodiversity. Together with the nearby Sant'Antonio Forest, it constitutes a 'Special Area of Conservation' within the European "Natura 2000" network. 

There are numerous hiking trails consisting of forest roads and paths by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), many of which are also suitable for horseback riding or mountain biking. 

Since 2016, the Reserve has held the record of Italy's tallest tree, a 62.45-meter tall Douglas fir called "The Italian Tree King."

The large meadow is the ideal place for relaxing and those who want to walk further will find other areas with picnic tables in the forest.

For all the trails it is advisable to buy a map of the paths (such as the CAI Trail Map) or ask for information at the  Tourist Information Offices in Saltino and Reggello.
Among the trails that go through Vallombrosa, those dedicated to St. Francis and to Dante Alighieri are certainly worth mentioning.

How to reach Vallombrosa: 

  • From Saltino, there is a walking trail (about 2-km long).
  • In Summer, on Sundays and holidays (10 a.m.-8 p.m), there is a free shuttle bus from the car park in Vignale (Saltino). 
  • In Summer, there is a bus route that connects Reggello to Saltino, Vallombrosa and the ridge of the Mount Secchieta (1,449 m a.s.l.). Travelling with your bike? You can book the bike transport on the bus in advance.
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Riserva Naturale Biogenetica di Vallombrosa

Riserva Naturale Biogenetica di Vallombrosa

Via S. Giovan Gualberto Vallombrosa, 50066 Vallombrosa FI, Italia

Via S. Giovan Gualberto Vallombrosa, 50066 Vallombrosa FI, Italia