Da Malmantile alla Val di Pesa

From Malmantile along the Val di Pesa

This route in the district of Lastra a Signa, lasting around three hours, starts from the hamlet of Malmantile: here you can still see the old 15th century city walls, on top of the hill.

On the right after leaving the fortified town, is a dirt road leading to Poggio Ceto e Gello, across vineyards and fields of olive trees.

Proceeding on the left you run into the ruins of an old mill and then continue on the path towards the valley floor, fording the Rio del Lago, until you end up on the via Chiantigiana.

Along the via Chiantigiana, on the right, you can reach the parish church of Saints Ippolito and Cassiano, of the 11th century, while, going back to the old farm surrounded by holly oaks, the road continues to the left in the direction of Piandaccoli.

A series of hairpin bends among cypresses, fields and olive groves leads to Spazzavento; from there, along the via Vecchia Pisana, you return to Malmantile.

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