L'abete di Douglas nella Riserva di Vallombrosa

The tallest trees in Italy

Easy hiking trail in the Vallombrosa Forest

In 2016, the "arbonauts" of SuperAlberi measured the tallest plants in Italy. To assess the height they climbed the trees with the use of ropes, a non-destructive technique. They discovered that Italy's tallest tree is located in the Vallombrosa Forest and is a 62.45-meter tall Douglas fir called "The Italian Tree King." Another fir, a short distance from the first one, claims second place (59,83 meter).

How to get to the tallest trees in Italy? Walking along the Anello dei Giganti (the Giants’ Ring), an easy hiking trail.

Start from Località Il Lago, where you can park the car close to a former hotel along the road that leads from Vallombrosa to Passo della Consuma. Follow the wooden signs and take the trail CAI 7. After about 20 minutes, walking through white firs – the symbol of the Reserve – as well as beech trees, you will come to a crossroads, turn right, and after about 200 meters, you will find the two giants of the Forest.

To understand how tall these two trees are, just think that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is 57-meters tall, the Giotto bell tower in Florence is 85-meters, and a 20-story building is about 60-meters tall!

The trail continues up to the ancient “Metato” farmhouse, where you turn right and walk down on the trail CAI 8. After about 15 minutes, you will arrive at “La Casetta” and after the building turn right again to go back on the paved road and reach your starting point.





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Walking route
Hiking route
Albero più Alto d'Italia, Località Metato, 50066 Reggello FI, Italia43470
1.30 h
3.50 km
Accessibility:  inaccessible

Total length: 3.5 km on paved road, dirt road and footpath.
Elevation gain: 100 meters
Difficulty level: easy

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