By bike and more...

The bicycle is the means of transport supporting the sustainable city we are building, in environmental, social and economic terms. In order to ensure the rebirth of the country and our city, it will be essential to use it more and more. The City of Florence is focusing a lot on the concept of cycling, implementing the network of cycle routes. See the new map, which includes the wider project of the Bicipolitana, at this link. A useful tool for Florentines who increasingly want to use the bike forhome-based work trips and more.

Florence has been using the innovative free flow bike sharing system for some years now. Furthermore, the new Movi e-Bike, an innovative and technological pedal assisted bicycle, is available since last August. The new vehicle is equipped with an electric motor that helps pedaling by simplifying city journeys as much as possible and speeding up the last mile.

How do you use the service? It is necessary, first, to download the free Movi by Mobike APP (App Store or Google Play), creating an account using a mobile phone number. The user will receive a verification code to insert for  paying the deposit (a cheap and fully refundable amount). The App will immediately show the nearest bike on the map; clicking the "unlock" button on the APP and scanning the QR code next the handlebar of the bike, the lock will automatically open and... go! At the end of the ride just park your bike in one of the dedicated spaces, or in a common bike rack; it will be enough to close the padlock, always through APP.. Prices and subscriptions are cheap. More details on the site.

Not just bikes. Sustainable sharing in Florence has recently included also e-Scooter - MiMoto, the first Made in Italy electric scooter sharing, with the free floating system, that means without parking restrictions or charging stations in the city and without keys. Manage everything through the MiMoto App!, in strategic partnership with Estra. Each MiMoto scooter is approved for two passengers and comes with two helmets of different sizes in the top case equipped with sanitizing perfumers, disposable hygienic caps and a sanitizing helmet spray to guarantee safety.

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