Vista dalla sommità del Poggio dello Zollaio

Walking in Vinci: Poggio dello Zollaio - Trail n. 12b

The trail starts from Piazza Leonardo da Vinci and ends near the Mulino della Doccia mill

The walk, short and easily done, goes up a hill next to the hamlet, called precisely Poggio di Marradino. From the top you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Conti Guidi Castle, seat of the Museo Leonardiano , and the bell tower of the Santa Croce Church, which still retains the 15th century baptismal font where Leonardo was baptised.

Along the route you find:

  • The Androne Ciofi, an ancient passage from the hamlet to the countryside next to which is, still today, the building, once a tavern, that one of Leonardo's brothers, Giovanni, rented
  • A section of the old town mill, run by Leonardo's uncle, Francesco
  • The Mulino della Doccia, an ancient mill already existing at the time of Leonardo, who drew its hydraulic mechanism in one of the pages of the Atlantic Codex
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Walking route
Hiking route
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 2147483
Via Bonifazio, 50059 Vinci FI, Italia47483
1.00 h
1.70 km

The route intersects with trail n. 12c, the Via di Caterina and ends at the Mulino della Doccia mill, from which you can continue to reach trail n. 14, the Strada Verde

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