Museo del Treno

HZero - Train Museum

The Train Museum is the latest addition to the Florentine museums and is dedicated to the world of miniature trains and modelling, just a stone's throw from the Santa Maria Novella railway station.
The heart of the museum is the 'Plastico San Giuliano' - so called by the curator, Marquis Giuseppe da San Giuliano - an immense area of 280 square metres that includes 126 trains in motion, through scenery, people, Italian and foreign landscapes, reconstructed with a truly surprising fidelity of detail. All in 1:87 scale.

A new museum space, enhanced by a model workshop, for everyone: young and adults, enthusiasts and collectors

Photo credits: Hzero
Poligono GEO

Museo del Treno HZero

Museo del Treno HZero

Piazza degli Ottaviani 2, Firenze

Piazza degli Ottaviani 2, Firenze
Opening hours
Opening hours:
01-01-2024 - 28-07-2024
Wednesday - Monday from 10:00 to 19:00
The ticket office closes one hour before the museum
Closed: Tuesday , 25-12-2024 , 01-01-2025 , 29-07-2024 - 18-08-2024
Entrance fee:
Full price € 12.00
For information on reductions and free admission, visit the website
Accessibility:  accessible

A platform lift is located at the entrance on the left. From the model railway hall, visitors can take the elevator to access the first floor.
An electric wheelchair which can be raised up to 30 cm is available.