Fontana delle Boccacce nel Quercione

Fountain of “Boccacce”

Not many among the Florentines know about Quercione trough, called Fountain of Boccacce, situated in the middle of one of the vast lawns of Cascine Park,

The structure standing in the middle of the Quercione lawn was created to provide cows, and later horses, with water. In fact Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo considered Cascine Park his agricultural and hunting residence.

The construction was carried out between 1789 and 1796 by the architect Giuseppe Manetti. The fountain, also used by the public, took the name "Boccacce" due to the bizarre marble figures represented at the base of the five fountains. Over the years, the Quercione meadow has become a place for sports activities, and the fountain has remained important for quenching the thirst of park visitors.


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Fontana delle Boccacce

Fontana delle Boccacce

50144 Firenze FI

50144 Firenze FI
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