Cristina Kristal Rizzo

The Democracy of the Body 2024

From February 10 to May 10, at the Cantieri Goldonetta - Cango, La democrazia del corpo (The Democracy of the Body) is back! A project by Virgilio Sieni that brings on stage national and international artists among the most interesting of the contemporary performing scene.

This first part of the festival - another part is planned for autumn - is entitled The Making of Politics and is dedicated to memory as the politics of dwelling, to the forms of the body's origins that bounce back into the past to become possibilities in the present.

Rock, jazz, pop, ethnic music

Programma rassegna

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Rock, jazz, pop, ethnic music
Opening hours
10-02-2024 - 10-05-2024
Entrance fee:
from €0.00 to €10.00