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Amir Project

Who does the artistic heritage belong to? Who is able to tell the story of a country's cultural heritage, only those who are part of it by birth and education or also those who have chosen, married and embraced that culture?

The Amir project was launched in Florence a few years ago. This word means "young prince" in Arabic, but at the same time stands for "Accoglienza Musei Inclusione Relazione '' (Welcome, Museums, Inclusion, Relationships). It aims at looking at our culture through the eyes of foreigners who have immigrated to Italy, inviting them to cross the threshold of museums in the unusual role of guides, to take possession of a new history and identity and to recount how they see, read, feel and interpret our heritage.

The project is based on the conviction that culture brings with it wellbeing and integration. This is why the Municipal Museums of Florence, the City Museums of Fiesole, Stazione Utopia (hosted by the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo), the Museo degli Innocenti in Florence and the Primo Conti Foundation of Fiesole have decided to create - thanks to the support of the Regione Toscana and the Fondazione CR Firenze - an itinerary aimed at encouraging dialogue between museums and immigrants and building over time a relationship of confidence, attendance and participation in heritage by foreigners.

This experiment has resulted in a selection of people, men and women of different origins, taking part in a training course which has enabled them to acquire the skills to accompany groups of foreigners and Italians visiting museums.

The Amir project has several seasons. In September, there are visits to the Medici villas of Petraia and Castello and to the historical villages of Peretola and Quaracchi. 

All the activities are free of charge but booking is compulsory, check more on the website. 

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