Panorama città di Firenze

The dark side of Florence, The city of women, Brunelleschi

City of Florence Guide Francesca Meoni proposes 3 unusual tours to discover Florence.

1) The dark side of Florence: Florence is the cradle of Renaissance, the city where the Medici family has ruled for centuries and the place where the brightest minds, like Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and Leonardo, just to mention a few, had the opportunity to express their talent. But like all bright places, Florence has its shadows too: let’s find out about them! City alleyways were the natural setting for fights between rival families, intrigues, crimes; during the tour you will know all about life during the Middle Ages, misterious deaths, but also about ghost stories, devils and so much more.

2) The city of women: usually history seems to have been made by great men only. Obviously, this is false: great women have been the protagonists of many historical events. Our walking tour will focus on the places where great Florentine women lived and rest. Let’s find out about Grand duchesses, poets, artists and commoners whose actions and ideas made Florence great.

3) Following Brunelleschi’s steps: this itinerary focuses on Filippo Brunelleschi’s architectures in the city. The Spedale degli Innocenti, San Lorenzo Church, Santa Maria del Fiore’s Dome, his masterpiece, and also Santo Spirito Church, in Oltrarno district. Brunelleschi’s genius can be appreciated throughout the entire city center.


Always available on request

Meeting point: will be communicated after making the reservation.

Duration of the tour: 2h30.

Price per person: € 50 per hour

Mandatory reservation

Whatsapp: +39 392 7619600
Facebook Page: Francesca-Meoni-Florence-Guide

Tour 3 is organized in collaboration with City of Florence Guide Sara Gazzeri:; +39 333 4704204

People over 12 will be required to show the green pass (or equivalent certification for people coming from non-EU countries), along with valid ID. The tour will take place in compliance with anti-covid regulations: guaranteed distance with the use of sanitized earphones that allow you to listen to the guide even from a distance, small group, compulsory mask.

More visits can be booked on demand.

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