City of Florence Guide

A tour with a City of Florence Guide

As a part of the #EnjoyRespectFirenze Campaign, the Municipality of Florence has launched a call aimed at tourist guides (GT) and tour operators (TO) to promote sustainable tourism in Florence. Guides and tour operators involved in the project share the same objectives and values: offering multiple tours and unusual destinations in order to fight over-tourism, implementing measures to safeguard employment, teaching tourists and day trippers good practices to experience the city correctly.

On our Website it is possible to check an updated list of Tour Guides respecting all the requirements the local administration asked for to accept their participation in the project. Comune di Firenze, guides and tour operators are committed to the development of tours and initiatives designed to improve the quality of tourism in Florence and in its region.

Here below you may find a series of itineraries proposed by some of the City of Florence Guides. 

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