secret room

The secret room of Michelangelo

Beneath the Sagrestia Nuova designed by Michelangelo, in the Museum of Medici Chapels, sits a tiny mysterious room, known as “the secret room of Michelangelo”, where he is said to have hidden for a few weeks to escape a death sentence. In fact in 1530 the Medici family had just returned to Florence after their exile, and all those who had supported the Florentine Republic (1527-1530) were wanted by the law. 

Unexpectedly, in 1975, during some restoration works, from beneath the plaster of this tiny room’s walls, reemerged sketches and charcoal drawings. They have been, for the most part, attributed to Michelangelo: they represent memories or projects of past and future artworks, like the Night Allegory, a statue he will realize in the Sagrestia Nuova after reconciling with the Medici family… his last florentine work, before moving to Rome.      

In April the room re-opens to the public  (only 4 people are allowed in at a time, for conservative reasons).

Reservations can be made by phone (+39 055294883) 

Photo credits: Museo delle Cappelle Medicee