Passepartour - The keys to accessibility

Four tourist itineraries and a map with useful information for those visiting Florence by wheelchair.

In order to help people with mobility impairments to visit our city, four publications - one for each itinerary, in Italian and English - are available free of charge at the city's Info points, starting from the one in Piazza Stazione 4.

It is not only a guide, with historical-artistic outlines on the main places of interest in Florence, but it also answers a whole series of questions: what is the level of accessibility of each place of interest (museums, churches, palaces)? How to get from one point to another according to the best itinerary? Where are the equipped services and toilets? In addition, there are also lots of useful, practical information: free access to museums, access to the Restricted Traffic Zone and car parks, services at the railway stations, free wheelchair hire, etc. A paper map also indicates the network of roads that can be travelled independently, or with a helper.

The project, carried out by the Municipality of Florence with the collaboration of the Kinoa Company, also includes the Kimap app, which can be downloaded for free: a further technological aid - constantly updated thanks to modern techniques for surveying road surfaces - which provides real-time information to people with motor disability.

A series of new services, therefore, to reduce the information barriers on the accessibility of the city and for the development of a new frontier of tourism in Florence, really for everyone.

The booklets can be picked up at the info point in piazza stazione 4 (where, by the way, free wheelchair hire is available). You can also download the materials from this link.




Accessible route
Piazza della Stazione 412591
Piazza della Stazione 412591
Piazza della Stazione 412591
Piazza della Stazione 412591
Piazza della Stazione 412591
Accessibility:  accessible
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