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MUS.E activities for children

Do you want to live an adventure in the fabulous setting of the Palazzo della Signoria and meet the characters of the Medici family? Get ready to immerse yourself in the Renaissance atmosphere and live the daily life in the time of the Medici thanks to the guides of the Associazione Mus.e.

The activities, available in the Florentine Civic Museums, are designed according to the different public targets in order to capture the interest of all: for the little ones workshops and visits are built as a game activity, aimed at stimulating the imagination by discovering mysterious objects in precious chest, wearing capes and hats of the time and having fun with the games of the princes. The halls of the museums hide secrets capable of captivating the little ones: the guides tell with engaging language episodes which inspire paintings, frescoes and sculptures, directly involving children.

The curiosity of the boys is instead stimulated by anecdotes and events that really happened that animated the public and private rooms, by stories of conspiracies within the walls of the Florentine palaces and by invisible passages that lead to secret rooms.

The activities are available every day in Italian / English / French / Spanish with free and compulsory reservations and are also available for school groups.

To participate call the numbers +39 055 2768224 or +39 055 2768558 from Monday to Saturday 9: 30-13 and 14-17, Sunday and holidays 9: 30-12: 30 or send an email to

For schools, however, it is necessary to contact the number +39 055 2616788 from Monday to Friday 9: 30-13 / 14-16: 30 or send an email to

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