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Fratelli Peruzzi

The workshop is the most important place in any true Florentine artisan workshop.

The Fratelli Peruzzi silverware workshop is the symbol of our history, which for over 150 years has seen us play a leading role in one of Florence's symbolic places, the Ponte Vecchio.

In our shop you will find many products, carefully chosen from among the best Italian and international silverware, but also our creations that only thanks to the design and skilled hands of our craftsmen, take shape to become jewellery, household objects, cutlery, knick-knacks, and sa-cri objects.

Here are some videos that recount the various phases of workmanship that take place every day in the Fratelli Peruzzi artisan workshop, where the history of silver working continues the long tradition of Ponte Vecchio.

We can make, adapt and customise all types of silver objects, to make a Fratelli Peruzzi jewel even more unique, and all this thanks to the skilful hands of our master craftsmen, ambassadors in the world of Florentine manual skill, excellence and creativity.

Fratelli Peruzzi's silver creations can also be found, since 2015, in "Officine Ponte Vecchio", the shop on Ponte Vecchio, where some of the excellences of Florentine craftsmanship have been selected.

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Fratelli Peruzzi

Fratelli Peruzzi

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