School tourism

School tourism

What better city than Florence to bring young people closer to art, beauty, history? Our city has much to offer any age and level of education. Let's see together how to best organise a cultural trip to Florence!

When? Florence is a city that is always beautiful and interesting, but we recommend that you avoid the high season period, to make the best of a city which is in itself small, with the main points of interest concentrated in a limited area. The time of year of relatively low season goes from the end of October to early March - obviously excluding Christmas time and New Year.

If you're thinking of reaching Florence with a tourist bus, please be aware that you need to purchase a ticket to access the city: all information is available in the website of the Servizi alla Strada company.

But let's get to the what? Each school will draw up its own visit schedules, related to the age of the students and the programme beingcarried out, but surely each access requires the need to book as a school group, compiling a list of the participants on a letterhead of the institute.

Main museums, churches and science museums have their own official websites, where you can get complete information on access for groups, educational activities for schools, costs, free admissions and discounts. To have an overview of the access for school groups, we recommend you to check the attached document.

The opening hours of the various Florentine monuments change very often; you can find them, always updated, in the dedicated section of our website.

Regarding instead the possibility of using tourist guides, you can find the specific information by reading the following article, that includes, among the attachments, also the list of the Associations of Tourist Guides.

If you need to rent wireless audio systems (mandatory for groups in most museums), here are some companies operating in Florence:

Vox Tours, Welldome, Techno Tours, Moveris

After all this walking, visiting and listening, now is also the time to think about where to rest a while and eat something. If your choice is a packed lunch, you need to take into account two aspects: weather and the fact that the historic centre, as such, offers spaces that are not always suited to hosting school groups in the open air. Located very close to the centre are piazza D'Azeglio, piazza Indipendenza, the green areas along the Arno river, the garden at the Fortezza da Basso.

Schools visiting can also use the university canteen of Santa Apollonia, on via Santa Reparata 12, where you can eat at a reasonable price (€8,50 per student), booking by e-mail at at least 1 month in advance, including the filled out catering form. Anyway, in the historic centre there are numerous restaurants suitable to host groups, obviously at different costs.

The infopoints in the city are also always onhand both by e-mail and in person upon your arrival to give maps and support, even at the time of arranging the details

So? We are waiting for you! However, one last thing: remember that Florence is beautiful but fragile too; let's visit it respectfully in order to find it unchanged time on our next trips. The rules of the EnjoyRespectFlorence campaign are simple, read them here!

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